Oh hey, nice to see you here!


Hi, I’m Sharzad!

I’m an on-camera Host, YouTuber, Blogger and Mom based in LA. My YouTube channel Sharzad Kiadeh covers a variety of lifestyle topics from motherhood, healthy recipes, good news and deep conversations about life & death.

Wanna see a fish eat my feet? Wanna watch me squirt my own blood back into my face? Wanna see me dance to Biggie in my kitchen with my baby strapped on? Wanna talk about death?….anyone? I never shy away from a topic and I always like to keep life exciting!

I’ve worked with numerous brands and hosted several shows over the last 6+ years. I’ve previously hosted the number one viewed mom focused talk show on the Internet, The Mom’s View. I’m currently the co-host of The SASS, a popular beauty series on the Mixed Makeup YouTube channel. I’ve “spilled the tea” on an online weekly Bravo show. And I also recently co-launched a new mom/parenting vertical called FAM: For All Moms where I focus on parenting, motherhood and kids.

I enjoy hosting shows with unique and engaging content and I LOVE talking to people from all walks of life. I’m always interested in new collaborations to create fresh content.

Thanks for stopping by xx